Hybrid Modular Solutions is a rapidly growing cold formed material used in Al Masaood Bergum to make the construction process easier and products stronger. AMB has gone a step further to standardize the product and creates a Hybrid Modular Solutions that allows a mass manufacturing of the modules.

Easy Installation

Using Hybrid Modular Solutions, its easily done and is faster compared with the other conventional techniques.

Applied in many temporary and semi-permanent applications for various of usage making it a light and strong material for the building process ideal for EPC & construction contractors, developers, consultants, and architects. 

Design Flexibility
Low Construction Waste

Offers low construction waste using recyclable materials that are cleaner and ensures safety for the community and the environment. 

Hybrid Modular Solutions Benefits  

Key Advantages  


Hybrid modular solutions are built completely within the controlled and systematic environment of Al Masaood Bergum’s facility then transported to its destination. Accomplishing minimum noise and pollution on site and high level of quality inside the facility.


Panelized Hybrid modular solutions offers a different dimension. Panels are designed and created in the factory and either sold separately or sent to its destination to assemble. Design flexibility, greater durability, panels will not shrink, split, distort, or fracture, and assembled carefully.

Applications of Hybrid Modular Solutions 

Used for many applications including residential and commercial building structures. Residential buildings are affordable which has small apartments. Non-residential buildings include schools, educational centers, hospitals, hotels, offices, workers accommodations and more.

It uses cold formed steel as a construction material to build roofs, floors systems, walls, panels, decks, or the whole building in the form of modules. 

Hybrid Modular Solutions Projects 

Staff Coastal and In-land Villages

Construction Village Housing Projects

High End HQ Offices

Hotel & Kitchen PODs

Temporary Construction Facilities

Industries we serve

Construction & Engineering 

Hospitality & Events


Oil, Gas and Energy



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