Equipment Shelters / Switchgear Units

  • ‘E’ Range shelters are manufactured to custom requirements meeting all size ether in mobile or in permanent type designs.
  • ‘E’ shelters can be supplied (optionally) with built in equipments such as Low volts panels ranging from 63 Amps to 2500 Amps.
  • ‘E’ shelters are generally designed for LV/MV/HV electrical room, Pump stations, Petroleum control rooms, Motor control centers etc.
  • AMB can offer all shelters with equipments by designing & sizing the requirement.
  • An AMB ”E’ Range shelter can include IT / communication racks, data racks, UPS equipments, Fire addressable panels and the like.
  • ‘E’ shelters are manufactured with custom air conditioning equipments ( Split AC/Ducted split) M Shelters can be remote monitored for operation interface via SNMP, BMS or similar.
  • ‘E’ Range shelters are pre tested units with all equipments as per design, ready for immediate operation on delivery.